Request: Behavior Options for Pasting Values into Color Panel

I use an external application called “Instant Eyedropper” that lets me pick colors from anywhere on my desktop by returning a hex code to the clipboard - very handy for sampling from references. I always work in the HSV tab of the color panel, but when pasting those hex values in, the panel switches to RGB and I have to change it back every time, which gets to feel excessive over the course of a project. Would it be possible to have a toggle or some similar option to prevent this from happening?


Great suggestion to save the last selected Color pane, I switch between them a lot, too.

However your main issue in terms of copying in Hex colors shouldn’t be too hard to address. I’m not sure as to which Aseprite version you’re using, but at least for mine, no matter which of those color tabs is selected, there is always a Hex code visible, like so:


Additionally, after clicking on your fore/background color to open this window, you can drag the whole box somewhere else to make it stay permanent on your screen without disappearing, so you should always have access to that text field for the Hex-code of the color without ever needing to click on anything else. This should also keep your previously selected tab active as well, at least until you close it (with the “x”).

Let me know if you have any other questions. Hope that helps!

Definitely handy for sure! Though I think I might have misrepresented my problem perhaps? The hex code text does indeed stay present as you say irrespective of which tab you have active. However, when I paste a code in, it invariably changes the active tab to RGB in my case. Maybe that’s a bug as opposed to a feature?

Oooohh, that is quite a different issue then! Haha that makes a lot more sense. That definitely seems like it’s unintended.

I think I agree that it sounds a lot more like a bug. You can change the category of the post by clicking on the edit pencil near the title of your post.

Done! Most likely that’s the better title.