Request: Collapse Tags

I find the Tags feature really helpful to organize my animations. However, when recently upping the amount of frames requires me to side-scroll due to having 80+ frames per file.

Suggesting here that maybe have a collapse function or similar to how the folder works for layers.


Seconding this! I never even thought of this feature but it would make things so much nicer when dealing with many animations.

How would tag-collapsing affect overlapping tags, though? For example, it’s possible to have Tag A be frames 1-5, and Tag B be frames 3-6. How should collapsing Tag A affect the appearance of Tag B and vice versa?


You’re a mastermind :astonished:

My timelines get unruly rather quickly. +1

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I’m thinking that a collapsed Tag would either collapse down to one or zero frames, indicated with a thicker/striped line or just a bigger space between the frames. With overlapping example, I’d say that it would probably work collapsing the parts that don’t overlap. Collapsing A would still have frames 3-5 uncollapsed since they are a part of B and vice versa.

I haven’t given it that much thought to be honest :slight_smile: I’m sure there are better solutions than my example