Request: export Tags as seprate files

Hey David @dacap !

I often work on one extended file to have at hand all the layers and animations to keep an eye on the consistency of the animated character or object, this creates a very long file with different tags - these tags are the different functions of the character in the form of an animation loop - you know, everyone knows it here.

And now the point, when I prepare the files for the game, I have to save a separate file with each of these animations, so I have to delete all the other animations on the right and left and save a new file or sprite sheet.

The question is, wouldn’t it be nice if when right-clicking on a TAG there was an option besides “Delete tag” and “tag properties” to “create separate file from tag”/“new file form tag” or something like that (I made a mock-up of what I mean.) or in the optionssplit the file into separate animations based on tags”. Or a script like this? The code could take into account the main file name + tag name and export the already combined name.

asprite concept_2

Perhaps my pipeline is eccentric, perhaps not? I’d like to know the opinion here of the community and the developer. What do you folks think?

I’ve been using Aseprite for 6 years now. It’s great to see how this editor continues to evolve and how it’s becoming more and more enjoyable and convenient to work on, thank you!

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You can already export individual tags as sprite sheets when using Export Sprite Sheet, so unless you’re parsing .aseprite files in your game (which would be pretty eccentric xP), this feature already exists. Better automation for it via the GUI would be nice though, to e.g. export all tags of a file as separate spritesheets without having to use scripts/CLI.

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Thanks for the quick reply eishiya!

Yes, unfortunately I am eccentric and save .aseprite files :sweat_smile:
I need them for Unity, because they have information like duration of specific frames in them so you don’t have to set it in unity animator a second time.

We have a special exporter created for this, which pulls in asperite files and spits out spirtesheets in Unity itself. It’s more convenient that way. The only thing that is not convenient is preparing separate .asperite files from Tags.

So, this is already my weird workflow than a potential feature that would help everyone? :upside_down_face:

considering you have even special exporter, it shouldn’t be a problem to write a simple script which would create single or multiple files based on tags.
api has tags stored in Sprite.tags api/ at main · aseprite/api · GitHub and each tag has it’s properties: api/ at main · aseprite/api · GitHub

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If you use the built-in sprite sheet export feature, the accompanying JSON file includes information like tags, frame durations, etc, and even allows you to do things like crop transparent pixels to better compress the sheets.

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Thanks so much for your thoughts! Making a personal script would be best right now. :nerd_face:

In the future though, it would be nice if Tags were expanded. I like them a lot. :black_heart: