Request - Keybinding Option for right side Alt key for Quick Eyedropper

Hello, my apologies if this has been brought up before - I did a quick search and found nothing about it.
I was wondering there is a possibility of having the ALT on the right side of the keyboard also function as the quick eyedropper tool?
I’m a left hander and often end up going to that key instead of the left one for quick color grabs since it’s my right hand that is free to press keybindings.

Really enjoying this program - thank you very much for making such a wonderful piece of software. :smiley:

Hi @Elizabeth_Ramirez! If your right Alt key is an AltGr key, you can go to the Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts menu option, and select the Tools section and find for “Eyedropper Tool (quick)” option. Right there you can add a new shortcut for the AltGr key:


(When adding the new shortcut, you will notice that the Ctrl and Alt check-boxes will be selected, that is normal, because AltGr is Ctrl+Alt actually.)

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Very nice! Just checked, works great! Thank you for the tip and the prompt response. :heart:

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