Request: Trim Sprite To Layer option in Export window

Perhaps this is just a result of my bad workflow, but I’m working on a parallax background, where each layer of the parallax will be a different size (since I’d like those that loop the fastest to also be longer layers with more variation). In order to properly design the background, I have all these differently sized layers in the same file. The foreground layer is the longest, followed by the middleground, with the sky background being very short. Unfortunately, when exporting the middleground or background as.pngs, even the smallest layers retain the max size of the canvas, which can lead to a bit more set up for properly aligning sprites in the engine I’m using (Unity). It would be cool if in the export window there was an option to trim the image to a specified layer (or all visible layers) for the purposes of saving the export as a trimmed-down png. This would still allow one to retain an .ase file with differently sized assets, but allow one to quickly
export files in a trimmed size.

To be fair, there technically is already a workaround for this, which would be to magic wand the empty space in the canvas for the layer I’d like to export, then invert selection and Copy (this way only the contents of the layer are copied). Then create a new file (which will use the copied layer’s dimensions), Paste and Export. Therefore, it’s probably not the most pressing of matters, but it would be nice to have the option