Resize canvas color error

Hola, cuando creas un archivo con la opción backgroun en black y cambias el canvas de tamaño, el tamaño añadido aparece de otro color, en mi caso y con mi paleta aparece marrón.

Hi, when creating a file with the background option in black and you change the size canvas, the added size appears in another color, in my case and with my palette appears brown.

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Actually the background used in the Canvas Size (or Eraser tools, or when the selection is moved) is the active Background color. The initial color in the “New Sprite” is not used in future operations (it’s used only for the starting color).

In this case it’s probable that you have the brown color selected when you’ve changed the canvas size. You have to select a correct background color before the Canvas Size operation (e.g. using with Alt+right click to pick the background color).

This might be related to this feature.

Okay, I understand, thanks for the clarification.

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