Resizing an animation to fit wallpaper engine?

I wanted to make one of my animations reasonably sized to work with wallpaper engine. Is there an ideal for sizing?

My current animation is 800x800 pixels.

There is no perfect size that’ll scale up cleanly to all desktop resolutions.
One thing to keep in mind though is that whatever size you do, the aspect ratio should fit a screen. 800x800 is square, how many people use square monitors? Most people use some variation of 16:9. A square image will end up either stretched, or with borders (windowboxing) on the sides, neither of which is appealing. There’s no “resizing” fix for this, you would need to adjust the original artwork.

Some 16:9 pixel art resolutions for games, which have a similar requirement of scaling cleanly to fullscreen:
160x90 (12x to HD, only really used for art going for a micro look, this is even smaller than Game Boy screens)
320x180 (6x to HD)
384x216 (5x to HD)
480x270 (4x to HD)
640x360 (3x to HD)
960x540 (2x to HD, less common because at this point it starts to look less deliberate when scaled up)
(HD is 1920x1080, but people, especially the sorts of enthusiasts who use WPE in the first place, are increasingly using higher resolutions these days, like UHD (2x HD), and 2560x1440).

Another thing to consider is how Wallpaper Engine scales up the image. I am pretty sure it uses smoothing when scaling images up, which means your art will be blurred. A common and effective way around this is to pre-scale the art so that it’s the most common size or a larger one, and then let WPE scale it down, which tends to keep the sharpness better. This means that no matter which of the above resolutions you choose, you’ll probably want to prescale your art 5x or more before uploading it, so that it’ll look good and sharp when scaled to fit people’s screens.

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