[Resolved in Aseprite v1.2.14] UX Suggestion - Nudge when the Move Tool is selected

Hi there David,
I have a feature request. In Photoshop the nudge tool is very intuitive.
If you select a layer and use the arrow keys, you can nudge the entire content of the layers.
Currently (to my limited knowledge) Aseprite only allows me to nudge any art after I use the selection tool and then use the arrow keys
Can you please provide us migrating Photoshop users a way to enable this nudge by selecting the Move Tool?




Seconding this! Nudging things in Aseprite is a bit of a pain currently.

It would also be handy if this could be done in all currently selected frames/layers, so that layers could be moved in multiple frames at once.


I totally agree! Having multiple layers selected and nudging would be so awesome (just like photoshop)


I will say something before it is too late, using the directional keys to navigate is simply the best thing in Aseprite, I’ve been using it for far too long and that is one of the most useful feature Aseprite has.

I’m not saying you guys should “deal with it or beat it”, even if this function would be implemented it would considerably hurt your workflow while animating(it is the most pressed key while I toggle between frames).

This is coming from a former photoshop animator, I’ve been using Aseprite for quite a while now and sincerely its user experience is far superior to PS in practical terms for animation.

I know that whenever we’re migrating to a new software that kind of “breaks” our previous stablished workflow we feel the urge to change the new “workplace”, I myself recently been struggling moving from Autodesk Maya to Blender, but I guarantee that when you guys get used to Aseprite you will get to see it was made for Pixel Art and animation, and it does a great job of it.

I only hope it didn’t strike as a rant or anything of the kind, I’m just trying to be helpful and reasonable.


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This is a good point! However, if this mode is only engaged while the Move tool is active (as OP suggests), that shouldn’t hurt workflows too much. It would only be an issue in the situation where the user needs to Move multiple cells (may need to navigate between cells) differently (can’t select all of them to move them together).

Alternatively, Nudge could use a modifier key such as Shift or Alt, usable when any tool is selected. Currently the arrows keys do nothing when those modifier keys are active.

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In that case you should try this instead :slight_smile:

I guess that is the place to Features suggestion.

Love the nudge tool implementation @dacap - thank you!
Feel free to close / lock this thread

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