[Resolved] UX Suggestion - Hold Shift while using the Pencil Tool to draw straight lines

Hi David,

I would love it if holding down the Shift Key while using the Pencil Tool draws straight lines. Basically holding down the Shift key temporarily changes the functionality of the Pencil Tool to the line tool.
The angle in which a user draws is based on the last direction the cursor was moving before the Shift Key was pressed.

Here’s an example of how Adobe Animate handles it as a point of reference. Not the best example, but a point of reference

I mean you certainly don’t want to not hold it while you’re sitting at your desk.

About the lines, the default behavior is your press shift after your previous line and it will give you a preview, where you can just click again to make the straight line. This way it can go in any direction instead of just the cardinal directions. Is there an advantage to the adobe way?

ah XD. Typo corrected

I think the way you described the lines also work. The Adobe way was just to give David more details

This would be very useful! I’m quite used to drawing horizontal and vertical lines with Shift because of Photoshop, and it’s useful surprisingly often.
Correction to the OP though: the direction of the line is determined by the direction of the first movement after Shift is pressed, not before.

Pyxel Edit has a different take on this where if you’re holding shift when you first click (you can let go of Shift after you click), the tool turns into the regular Line Tool but with the Pencil’s settings, and you can direct the line freely with the cursor until you’re satisfied and let go. You can also hold Ctrl to have the line snap to commonly used angles. While I find that slightly less intuitive than Adobe’s modifier where you can hold Shift whenever you want, I think it’s more useful for pixel art.

Just to be clear for anyone reading this is what I’m talking about, Aseprite just does it when you click the mouse, and THEN press and hold Shift.


woah, sweeet - that works for my purposes

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Nice! didnt know it worked this way. TY dudley.

As DudleyWaffles said, using the Shift key we can draw a straight line from the last point were the Pencil was used, and to draw horizontal/vertical lines we can use Shift+Ctrl.


Oh, cool! I kept trying it but since the input order is different from any other software I use, it took me a while to get it right. You have to click with pencil, let go, then hold shift. This’ll be fantastic once I get used to it!