Retain layer opacity when merging down or exporting


I’ve made an animation with three layers. I have a transparent background, a layer on top of that with a character, and a layer on top of that with an effect in it that looks best when that layer is at 90 opacity.

I noticed that when I exported it as a horizontal sheet, that the transparency of the layer went away during export. Then I tried merging down and realized that the layer opacity is lost in that process too.

Is it possible to retain layer opacity when merging down or exporting? Is there some other way?

This is for a GameMaker Studio 2 project.


As far as I know, when I want to export a png from a project that has layers with varying alphas, I just tick RGB in the colour options before exporting, instead of Indexed.

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Oh, of course! That makes sense because it’s looking for the transparent colors in the indexed palette, yeah? Well I tried this out and it totally worked, so thank you very much, maratae!

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