Retroactively animating - I'm new!

So I made the n00b mistake drawing out a fully clothed sprite on one layer. I now want to animate said sprite, but instead of making incremental changes frame by frame 24 times over I’d like to animate areas, such as the legs, separately. I’ve duplicated the original layer a myriad of ways: duplicated the layer, cut and copied the layer into a new empty one, made a new layer via selection, etc. Yet while I can put new pixels and colours on to the new layer, I can’t erase pixels from it (I basically just want to bend the leg by erasing a pixel behind the "knee). It’s very confusing and seems kind of counter-intuitive. Am I making a mistake or is it just a weird thing with the program?

I’m hesitant to accuse you of making another n00b mistake, but did you hide the original layer, so that your erasing isn’t just revealing the identical pixels underneath?

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I made another n00b mistake indeed haha Was staring at the screen too long it seems. Thank you very much!