RGB 333 and remapping palettes

First thing, I love this program. Been using it on and off for a couple of years now. Always finding new things out by accident =)
Now for my questions:
RGB 333: Is it possible to set the palette depth resolution to fixed values?
I’m working on a project (Spectrum Next game) that uses RGB 333 which basically uses the following colour values: 0,36,73,109,146,182,219,255 (instead of the standard 0-255 values).
It would be really useful to get the colour slides to just either jump straight to these values or just have the values set to 0-7.

Force colour remapping: I’ve noticed that when you remap colours, if you have 2 colours the same in the palette, it always goes for the first colour in the palette. Is it possible to somehow mark palettes and the pixels assigned to these palettes index’s from been included in the remap?
The reason is I’m working with tile maps that each use a 16 colour palette, which are stacked on top of each other (allow unto 16 * 16 colour palettes). This means that I may have the same colour more than once in the complete palette group. If I remap the image, asperity always seems to reindex the image to use the first colour that’s the same in the palette, which screws up my tiles / palettes.

Hope the above makes sense =


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I can’t speak for the remapping issue, since I don’t know much about Aseprite(I’ve been using it for maybe 2 weeks), but for the palette issue I found a sort of work around. It’s a bit clunky but it works, since Aseprite can’t be locked into a value step for colors.

I used excel to create a palette file. I open my project in one tab in Aseprite, then I open a blank project in another tab, and load the full RGB333 palette into the blank tab. What you can then do is copy colors from the RGB333 palette into the desired indexes in your main project.

It’s worked for me so far. I’ve worked with RGB333, RGB444, RGB555, and even my own RGB format which has 10 values per channel.

I can give you the RGB333 palette file that I made if you would like.

Thanks for the reply.
Thats how I started out doing it, except for a full RGB 333 palette, it’s 512 colours so you are going to miss a few colours plus when you are drawing, you don’t really want to be roaming around a palette that big selecting colours each time.
It’s not a huge issue to convert your palette by hand to RGB333 values when you are working with a limited palette, it just feels like it should be something really simple to force the value sliders to set values.


Yes, a bit depth option would be nice. Especially, if it had depth values separate for each of the four channels.

I actually find it easier to pick the colors from pre-calculated palettes than to find a color I like, then convert it. Lol.

Are there any scripts that force bit depth, maybe? (I actually don’t know if Aseprite allows scripts at all…)

[EDIT] Never mind me. I posted my reply, went back to the main page, and saw someone post some script for Aseprite.

I also would like to see a bit depth option in Aseprite.
Often i need RGB333, RGB444 and sometimes RGB555, RGB565.

The best would be an option to set the bit depth for each color channel separately.

So i really hope this feature will be added soon! :innocent: