RGB sprite is exported with 255 opacity

Some of my effects have hard/soft light and I have RGB color mode, but after exporting all effect layers has 255 opacity (even with normal mode)

After exporting normal layer with 192 opacity it’s 255

As you can see it’s not a little transparent

I don’t know what can I do. I tried with making New Palette from Sprite but it doesn’t work too.

Hi @Hantalowsky, to what file format are you exporting your file? could you share the original .aseprite file with us at support@aseprite.org (name this thread)?

I use png.
I can’t share it rn because I can have problems if I do it :sweat_smile:
I can do something similar with the same effects and send it.

I sent mail with similar file

Hi @Hantalowsky, thanks for sending a file. It’s a tricky situation. Actually there is no “good way” to export a non-normal blended layer in isolation.

Some details in this issue:

The problem here is that you should load the sprite information (each raw layer png + layer opacity + blend mode info) and then make the composition manually. (Not sure if that is what you want to achieve, as it’s quite complex, is like replicating the Aseprite rendering process.)

Probably we could export the non-normal blending mode layers with the opacity already applied but normally blended with transparent color, but not sure if it will make the same effect (I think it will).

Just in case, how are you exporting each layer?

I’ve updated Check that exporting layers with a blend mode different than normal works · Issue #1073 · aseprite/aseprite · GitHub, probably we should add a CLI option to export applying the given opacity.