Right-click to use rectangular marquee tool problem

Hi there,
First of all let me just thank you for creating such an amazing tool! I’ve been trying to transition from GraphicsGale to Aseprite for quite some time, but this last few months I feel like I’ve been getting better and better at it.

Some time ago I asked for a feature that I had in GraphicsGale and it was added onto Aseprite, helping me a lot. It was the “always select with right-click” option. I used GraphicsGale to draw tilemaps, so being able to select multiple tiles at once was a must-have - with this option in Aseprite + being able to lock the selection to the grid, it’s really easy to move around tiles without having the change the tool every 2 seconds.

That being said - whenever I use it, the rectangular marquee tool is only used when I’m holding the right mouse button down. Is there anyway to keep it active after releasing? Whenever I select an area I would like to move it around, so if the tool is unselected after I release the button, it defeats the purpose.

I looked around in the keyboard shortcuts but I don’t see any way to map the rectangular marque tool to the RMB (even if I did that I think I wouldn’t be able to outright select while holding it?) so I’m not sure what to do.

Thanks once again for this amazing tool!

At best you could bind Marquee tool (Quick) to a hotkey and hold it to move things around. Like shift+space or something.

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Thanks, I might do that!