Right click with buttonless stylus pen


I was working on Aseprite for 5 years with a mouse only, and now I’m implementing a display tablet.

I really miss the second mouse click. I use a pen without buttons and I as trying to figure out, how I can make a keyboard shortcut which will turn the left click to a right click when pen touches the screen. Tried a lot of things.The results I was getting were either the right click getting triggered at the push of the keyboard key with pen hovering, or the pen permanently changed to right click or even the right click blocked so it draws whenever the pen touches the screen, without pressing anything.

Is there a way, even if it needs some external soft, to have this function? To have a key assigned, that when you hold it, your pen is drawing with the second colour (on contact, not while hoovering), and when you release the key, the pen is back to normal again? Maybe you can assign the function of apen with a button, to a keyboard key, so you can use it with a buttonless pen - activating it with the left hand on the keyboard.

I would greatly appreciate any help.

hey, mate, how you doing? ;]

i don’t think there is way, at least not an easy one. tablets are tricky - for me it’s the other way around: i wasn’t able to make buttons work in heavypaint even with autohotkey.

for workarounds, there are some shortcuts for (quick) tools - those are temporary. there’s one for pencil and one for eraser. but you can’t switch bg and fg colours temporarily, so you’ll need to tap the shortcut twice.

Hello, PJ community is missing you :slight_smile:

As I understood, if I set a key shortcut (let’s say “o”) as a (quick) pen, then when I hold it, the pen will draw with first colour until release (and then switch to the tool I was having), but when I tap it two times and hold, it will draw with the second colour until release?

I tried it and it didn’t worked. Also for picking the second colour from the palette. Single click, double click, hold, double click and hold - all doesn’t matter. Pen is acting as a left click in all cases. I even tried to hold that “o” key and double tap with the pen but it didn’t work either.

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oh sorry, i made it confusing. what i meant is that (quick) shortcuts will return back to the original tool, but switch fg and bg colours doesn’t have one. so if i hit x, it will only flip fg and bg once.

You mean there is a way to press a button and switch what pen does on contact? I can press the button, draw with second colour, and then press it again to return to the first colour?

yup, go to keyboard shortcuts and search switch colours. i use this one all the time.

Yeah! This works. (quick) would be more convenient but this does the job! Thank you!

I guess I was never using X before, because It was pointless - I always had second colour as right click.

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