Rock Paper Whatever! UI

Hello everyone! (this is my first post on the Aesprite forum so whew hoo!)

I am working on a Rock Paper Whatever! game, which mixes the classic game that everyone knows and some popular card games. You will get a randomized deck of cards, choose from your collection, and then use them as moves. You could have scissors, paper, nuke, lizard, teddy bear, chair card, or more. That leads me into the main part of my post now which is showing off the UI that I have made:

Images (PM me for 3 more!)

1st = you have not picked a card. 2nd = you have picked a card. (opponent’s card is hidden for obvious reasons) 3rd = you both have chosen a card and so selections are locked. 4th = the winner is revealed and the opponent’s card is revealed as well.

Thank you for reading! Please share any feedback, advice, or positive comments in the replies below. :grin:
(PS. If anyone can let me know of a fast way to export selections separately to piece the UI together in Godot, please let me know!)