Rolling back to a previous save?

So I just made a huge mistake…

I spent the day working on a project, and for some reason, I didn’t notice that I had two instances of the session open. I saved the session that had my work on it done, and closed it, only to find that an older version without today’s work on it was also open. I closed that and then tried to reopen my session to make sure it was saved alright, and sadly, it was not. What was saved was the session before I worked on it today, so a good deal of work was lost.

Is there any way to roll back from a save to restore the work that I lost?

Thank you…

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Sorry to hear that. If you’re saving it to a dropbox folder or some other cloud service then you might be able to roll it back via that, but otherwise I wouldn’t count on it. You can try going into the Recover Files menu on the home screen and scrolling down, there’s a “Previous sessions” section there but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Windows does not have any real file recovery options for these situations either I’m afraid.

This is why I always save my things to dropbox/google drive, I always save as a new file with a new number appended behind it, and I’ve removed the “Save” hotkey to avoid accidentally overwriting something. But I know the feel. :frowning:

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Thanks for your response! Unfortunately I tried Recover Files to no avail, as the session didn’t even come up… I can’t seem to find a Previous sessions option either, but so far it’s looking grim. I guess the best thing for me to do now is mourn and start over ;_; I might look into backing everything up to a dropbox though, thanks for the suggestion!

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I honestly wouldn’t recommend having your art stuff outside of a cloud service folder at all. I always save everything inside my dropbox folder. Losing work is too painful. :pensive: