Rotating Canvas and Reference Layers

Hello, I just bought this software and loving in.
But I have recently got into a problem when I need to draw lines in specific angles, the current canvas that goes 90 degrees or 180 is too limiting at the moment, sure I could go “Most painting/drawing software do this.” and get a response like “Well, use those ones.”
This is a suggestion, request or speaking into the void, it is coming out of excitement for the software and a desire to see it improve.
Because yeah, my current fix is to move my entire tablet to actually be able to draw those lines.
Second thing I noticed, the Reference Layers, I am trying to use an image basically for tracing, but I cannot flip the image, cannot rotate the image. I guess what I could do is, do those alterations in another software and then bring it back in and hope it matches what I am looking for in Aseprite.
Again, this is mostly coming from a place of love for this software.
Thank you!

I would also love to see this feature implemented! My tablet is a little too big to freely move around so drawing/correcting things at certain angles is a bit of a pain.

I vote. My reasoning is different though - sometimes you need to look at a picture from a different angle to see its flaws. This also applies to flipping the entire canvas, it’s good that you can set a hotkey for this option.

In general, it would be useful to separate the display of the canvas from the actions on it. Rotating the canvas to an arbitrary angle should not change the image and be recorded in the action history.

i genuinely dont think 360 rotation on canvas could ever work on pixel art, 90% of angles just DONT work with pixel art, and thats not even delving into the rendering issues.

as for reference layers, while its possible to open kmultiple files at the same time and showcase in the same screen, i do agree that it could be worked on.