Rotating Canvas and Reference Layers

Hello, I just bought this software and loving in.
But I have recently got into a problem when I need to draw lines in specific angles, the current canvas that goes 90 degrees or 180 is too limiting at the moment, sure I could go “Most painting/drawing software do this.” and get a response like “Well, use those ones.”
This is a suggestion, request or speaking into the void, it is coming out of excitement for the software and a desire to see it improve.
Because yeah, my current fix is to move my entire tablet to actually be able to draw those lines.
Second thing I noticed, the Reference Layers, I am trying to use an image basically for tracing, but I cannot flip the image, cannot rotate the image. I guess what I could do is, do those alterations in another software and then bring it back in and hope it matches what I am looking for in Aseprite.
Again, this is mostly coming from a place of love for this software.
Thank you!