RPG Hero for upcoming game

Hi guys

I’m using Aseprite for a new project, an RPG built with Aseprite; all graphical assets will be made with Aseprite.
I’ve always enjoyed Final Fantasy, and RPG Maker was a great way to let my creativity grow, however, my degree led me down the 3D route, and I forgot all about bit-sprites.

Anyway, I found the program and spent the morning creating this guy, a character that I’d like to use within all my games I make (in different variations) and based off a sketch and friend and I worked on when I was in college (about ten years ago).

Using the gameboy color palette, I created this guy. What do you guys think?


He’s 32x64, and I think I’ll create the tiles 32x32. Would this work?

EDIT: TBH, I am tempted to make them very similar to the PS1 NES-port FF games, but I’m not entirely too sure what style to go with ATM

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I’m not too experianced but the legs are a proporsioned a bit weird.
The rest is great though! :smile: