Save Files are not Saving to the Native OS on Steam Deck Desktop (Bug?)


I am currently, using Aseprite on my Steam Deck, and I am very much enjoying the experience (the ability to map multi-button-press hot-keys to a single button on the Deck’s control layout via steam input, or create radial menus with 10 different hot-keys mapped to the touch pads makes work flow incredibly streamlined and simple - everything at the tips of my fingers). With that said, I have encountered one crippling problem.

As was stated in this threads title, Aseprite “Save Files are not Saving to the Native OS on Steam Deck Desktop”. When you attempt to save a file via the “save as” function in the Aseprite file management menu, Aseprite brings up a PC file management system (with options such as “Favorites”, “Desktop”, “My Computer”, “Documents”, “Trash”, etc.) rather than the native OS file manager. Files are able to be saved to this foreign PC file manager and files are able to be accessed through Aseprite’s “Home” tab “Recent files…” but files are not accessible via the native OS file manager - at least not in any way that I can determine - and the foreign file manager is not accessible in any way - that I can determine. Even when one uses the native OS “start button” file search function, the Aseprite save files do not appear as existing in system memory. So, while the Aseprite saves are accessible via Aseprite to be edited in program, they are not available to transfer out of the system and to other systems (like transferring files to Unity for instance or sharing files with a co-worker).

I listed this thread as “(Bug?)” and while I am pretty confident in that assumption, all that I really want is to be able to access and transfer my Aseprite saves. I am not incredibly computer savvy and I am still learning the ins and outs of Linux, and as such, I would very much appreciate any help that I could get, from the more knowledgeable members of this community, to simply help me gain access to these files. (as a side, it does not seem to be a cloud save problem, as Aseprite does not seem to be listed or accessible from steamcloud.

Thank you for your time, and thanks in advance for any help.

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Sorry for the bump, but I just really need to get this issue resolved.

Still struggling with this issues. Hopping somebody will address it or a member of the community will be able to help me.

Alguna solución?

Came here from google cause I ran into the same problem.

When saving in Asepite, you have to open the bottom most (in my case) icon that only has a / as name, then browse to home/deck/desktop
That’s the deck’s desktop you see in desktop mode