Save UNDO history of project

Hi. I always finish every pixel art project i made screen-capturing Aseprite holding ctrl+z to record a reversed-time lapse to make a video out of it.
The thing is, to do this, I have always to hibernate my pc, or leave the program open if I don’t finish the project in one sitting. And if I forget to do that, all the undo history gets deleted.
Since usually the action history on aseprite consumes so little ram (since the low resolutions, copared to Photoshop, i.e):
Can we have an option to tick on the “save as” .ase to also save the undo history?
I’ve just ruined another potential speed painting video closing the program :frowning:


Would also like to see this as a possibility.

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Maybe the resulting file could be too big in some cases, but yeah I’d love this feature too :slight_smile: