Save Window User Interface

We use Texture Packer with our project and go through a lot of files/PNGs. When we export PNG sequences, it can get time consuming to navigate through the file hierarchy. The native OS save window allows you to choose common files to navigate quickly, but the Aseprite window doesn’t have any of this, and since exporting PNGs and Save As… all use the same window and file-location memory, we constantly have to re-navigate between our PNG and Aseprite files. Some way of simplifying this would be nice, either by having shortcuts within the save copy as…, having a separate Export PNG… link, or just having the Save As… and Save Copy As… having separate file memory locations.

Yeah, I think Aseprite should have different “last visited location” for each Open/Save operation (taking note about this feature). Anyway, for the kind of work you want to do, I recommend you to use the CLI, so you can convert your images (e.g. from .ase to .png) running a .bat or .sh file.

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