Saving slices via CLI

In 1.3-rc1-arm64 I have been doing aseprite --batch sheet.aseprite --save-as {slice}.png but since 1.3-rc2-arm64 that seems to be broken. Nothing is saved. Did the format change or is there a bug?

Thank you @ron1987 for this report! I was able to reproduce it (follow up on: Regression {slice} format on CLI doesn't work · Issue #3801 · aseprite/aseprite · GitHub)

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I might be wrong about it working in rc1 since I couldn’t use rc1 due to another export bug.

Is there a ETA on 1.3-rc3 on Steam? I hate to be a pest given all the excellent work you’re doing.

Any update on when this will make it into rc3 or the main branch?


@ron1987 the fix is already in the main branch, and we’ll try to release rc3 next week including this change.

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Fixed in rc3/rc4. Thanks!