Scale fill / quick brush

This is a pretty common action, so it would be good to have an option in the selection tool.

Either an option, or perhaps you hold a key, and it automatically “draws” the selected image as you move it. This could also be used to essentially create quick brushes. For example you could select a texture, and then “draw” with it by holding the key. This would also work while pressing the arrow keys, since those are used for fine adjustments.

these things are alredy present as transform and quick brush

Transform? Not sure what you mean. I think you may have missed the second part of the first gif. When it is dragged, it fills in the space from moving it.

Aseprite lets you use things as brushes, but it’s not really the same behavior as I described. If you are doing a rough animation, you could select move part of the body, while automatically filling in the gap. That’s pretty common in animation, and filling in the gap is a lot of busywork. Something like this would save quite a bit of time, at least for me.

what ethan probably meant is that you can hold ctrl and move selection and it will copy it’s content.
as far as brushes go, this behavior is there: when you select a custom brush, there’s a dropdown menu. select a “paint brush” option instead of “pattern aligned to…”.

Custom brushes are generally more suited to re-usable resources or resources that are used over the course of a session.

What I proposed is more of an on the fly situation that you would use as you go. Pressing CTRL can be used for small things, but it can’t be used for anything more than 1px in the use case I described, because you would need to click every time you move something. Brushes are not suited to it because they are far too slow to set up.

you think? well, i’d say it is your mental block more than anything else. brushes won’t be locked unless you make them, which means that you can make selection, hit ctrl+b, paint what you want, make another selection, hit ctrl+b, which will replace your current brush and paint what you want and so on. it is fast and simple. but you do you.

It may be hard to visualize why I’d want it to work this way if your workflow is not the same. I animate a lot of characters, and there is a lot of shifting small parts of the sprite, in quick succession followed by filling in the space. Ideally this should all be done in one action, with minimal key presses.

Sometimes it is done to make something larger, like above, in which case you do not want to click for each part, and you also don’t want to “draw” it, because that is a disconnect from “moving”, which is a bit more accurate, especially if it works when you press the arrow keys. There are essentially two ways I would expect it to work, which would both be useful.

  1. Draw as it’s moving when you hold a key ( this would be for filling gaps, which cannot involve more than one action or it’s not fast enough.) This is also good because it does not replace your selected brush.
  2. I didn’t show this above, but the alternative mode would be to draw a line of that sprite between the initial point, and the current position of the dragged element, only finalizing the “line” once you release it.That would probably be the ideal functionality for the situation shown above where you are shifting part of the tile. I may draw another example to show how it can be used.

Main thing is that setting the brush for each moved part and drawing with it would not accomplish what I’m looking for as easily. Drawing a line also involves switching to the line tool, or clicking on a spot first before using the brush line hotkey.

hmm, i guess i didn’t fully understand what you are going for.
so far it seems to me like it is basically about making a custom paint brush without actually creating one and being able to use it on the fly. in principle i’m not against it - as someone who uses a tablet the less shortcuts the better.
but you might want to elaborate on how it should work step by step and how to implement it - you certainly don’t want it to clash with already established behaviour. for instance arrow keys are for moving between frames and layers - i personally don’t like it, but i’d bet many users are used to it by now.

what do you mean i can use arrow keys to move things and shift to move between grid spaces, also the second part you just need to make a brush click on paintbrush insted to align to souce and when you dont want to use it anymore you can just press esc

I’ll make a gif at some point I suppose. As for hotkeys, I always use 1 and 2. I put all the important hotkeys on the left side of the keyboard.

Edit: Actually, what does CTRL+B do? It doesn’t seem to do anything. Is it in a later version?

Not sure what you mean. It isn’t related to the grid.
As for your solution, that’s too many actions.

i have it set to create new brush - it will work only with selection… but maybe i added the shortcut myself years ago and forgot it isn’t there by default :o

no its there by default if i remember, what version of aseprite you are using it?

Slightly old, but it doesn’t really matter much, since custom brushes would be accomplishing the same thing but with more difficulty and presses. That said, I should still update because it’s still pretty useful (among other updates, including ones I even requested so it sad I haven’t downloaded it yet lol)