Scale timeline thumbnails

It would be helpful to be able to set a zoom level for the thumbnails. I never use the thumbnail feature because I find it difficult to tell the difference between frames when they’re displayed at 1x scale.

(I’m also going to create a topic for setting the “background color” of thumbnails, because that would help readability in some instances as well.)


Rather than having a separate scale feature, I think it would make sense for the small thumbnail art to automatically scale to the largest integer zoom that’ll allow the canvas to fit within the chosen thumbnail size. Large canvases already scale to fit, no reason for small ones to not do the same.

Unless there’s a use case for having large thumbnails but still wanting 1x in them?

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That sounds sufficient for my needs.

Hi there! Are we talking about the Timeline thumbnails?

I am, at least!

Yeah, sorry for not being clear.