Screen flickering issue on 4K Monitor


  • Screen flickers when I move mouse pointer.
  • Flickering occurs for whole screen - not only Aseprite window.
  • This happens at maximized on 4k 144hz monitor, not for other screen size, nor on 4k 60hz.
  • This happens at any Screen scaling and UI elements scaling
  • This not happens at Full screen mode.
  • This not happens for any other programs.
    = OOPS, SORRY! This seems happen for other programs, too. (Chorme, Clip Studio etc.)


  • This never happened before, but there was a change for environment:
    = GPU : GTX1050Ti → RTX3060
    = Monitor : 24" FHD 144hz → 27"UHD 144hz


  • Only happened at [Maximized window + status bar + 4k 144hz] condition
  • Maybe some conflict between window native UI and Aseprite gives load on GPU?


  • I can work on a bit smaller windowed mode for while, if you need more info - I can help.