[Script] Align Selected Helper

Update #2: Added another version posSave which writes the dialog placement information to a file in the users appdata folder when it’s closed, that way it will reopen in the same place. [The dialog has to be closed to save it’s placement, closing Aseprite as a whole will not trigger the save.]

Update #1: Added an offset version see below for demo gif [glitchy look is from my gif recorder not the script, sorry don’t have time to re-record it].

Made a quick and dirty little tool out of a slightly modified script:
by: tuxpup

A toolbar script that lets you align selected or the layer content if nothing is selected to one of nine regions.


Offset version:
Offset Demo


I’m relatively new to scripts and idk if I’m doing something wrong. I did everything in the README and the windows appear but i get this:

Any help?

Sorry about that forgot to back port some changes from the offset version to the mini version.

Should be working now if you grab a fresh copy from github.

Edit #3: Alright now it should be fixed.