[Script] Buiding Generator

Building Generator

Building Generator is a script that helps you to quickly generate a building from the color that you selected in the palette.

Here is a preview of how it works with different palettes.



  1. Select exactly 7 colors on your palette (Those colors will be sorted, 2 brightest ones will be the light color)
  2. On your working sprite, File → Scripts → Building Generator
  3. Type in your specs like height and windows, light ratio, …
  4. Click on “Build”

you should put some more options like, width of the building, and shape, some last floor options would be good also


The width of building will be decided by number of windows, so I think it will be an calculated number.
Another functions is under developing ( ̄︶ ̄*)). Thank you for feedback, really appreciate it!

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How can I use this on Mac?

This is really neat, thanks for sharing!

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As long as you have Aseprite, just download the script and follow this instruction.