[Script] Export sprite sheets separately

Introduction and description

Hi again!
After my first and very well received here post about a script to export a sprite’s layers as individual images I was contacted by a user called Imvested for a comission. He wanted to export slices in specific folders and with specific names. He’s working on about 1000 textures for a Minecraft server and needs to export them into specific folders, so this saves him a lot of time.


DISCLAIMER 1.- This script was made to work on GNU/Linux and Windows machines. Not tested on any other operative system, although it probably works fine on Mac OS as well.
DISCLAIMER 2.- No hard testing went into this script. It should work fine, but use at your own risk. I’m not responsible of any bad use of the script nor unexpected behavior of it.

Executing the script opens a dialog window that asks for a path where the files will export and a checkbox in case of you also want to save the changes of the main sprite. When clicking “Ok”, all slices of the sprite will export into a folder of their group, which is the user data field, and named with the slice name.

So, how do you setup the slices then?

  • Group name (and exported folder) is the value specified in the user data field.
    • To create a subgroup (a folder inside a folder), use the path separator character of your operative system. This is a backslash \ for Windows and a forward slash / for GNU/Linux. There is no limit for the number of subgroups.
  • File name is the name of the slice. Extension is always .png.


You can download the latest version from here.


To install a script, copy the .lua file into Aseprite’s script folder. You can open the script folder easily by going to File → Scripts → Open Scripts Folder in Aseprite. Then, if Aseprite was open, rescan the scripts folder (F5 by default or File → Scripts → Rescan Scripts Folder) or simply restart Aseprite.
For a detailed guide on scripts, check out @JJHaggar’s collection, as it includes a detailed guide on how to install and use scripts as well as a bunch more of them!


  • v1.0 - Initial release.

I hope you find this script useful and thank you very much for using it!
Any comment, feedback or suggestion is appreciated!
And again, thanks to Imvested for the commission!