[SCRIPT] FastBit color picker v1.2

drop down menu sounds good! or maybe just one slider to set all channels?

speaking of laziness… i mean… productivity: could you add an option to change picked colour instantly after clicking on get fg/bg button?

oh, and may i throw in two ideas for you to consider?

  1. option to set up number of quantization steps instead of bit depth for weirdos who might want to use odd number of steps like for example 3: 0,127,255. (i don’t know about other people, but i’d use it).
  2. HSL/V version. not exactly related to bit color picker, i know, but i think it would be amazing helper for building palettes.

PS. if you haven’t come across jjhagar’s ultimate Aseprite Scripts Collection - #22 by hohlinger check it out.