[Script] makeNoise


Creates a new layer with random noise, with options to customize noise density. Uses the foreground color, unless custom a custom brush is selected.

Introduction and description

Hey there, this is my first Aseprite script. It’s a simple noise maker, using an algorithm of my own design.


This is a non-destructive script. It will create a brand new layer to work its magic in, so your artwork is safe from unintentional modification. Additionally, the scripts will yield a different noise pattern each time it’s run.


  • Noise spread: This controls the density of the noise. Bigger numbers yield greater spread, with wider gaps between bits of noise.
  • Use current brush:
    if UNCHECKED: The script will create single pixel dots using the foreground color
    if CHECKED: The script will apply the current brush every time it wants to create a speck of noise


Here’s a small example of what makeNoise can do, with the custom brush setting ON:


Here’s where you can grab this script:

The source code is also published to the same place on my site.


  1. Download the script
  2. In Aseprite, go to File → Scripts → Open Scripts Folder.
  3. Copy makeNoiase.lua into the opened script
  4. In Aseprite, go to File → Scripts → Re-scan Scripts Folder (or hit f5)
  5. In Aseprite, run File → Scripts → makeNoise


  • v1.0 - Initial release

Please use this script however you wish. I’m releasing it under MIT license, so you’re free to modify it as well. If you do make any significant changes to it, I would love to see them. And please leave a comment and let me know what you think! Maybe I’ll make more some time.


Thanks for sharing this valuable script! I’m sure it will come in handy i.e. while texturizing large areas. Sometimes all you need is 1-bit noise, without complexity of perlin noise or voronoi patterns! :slight_smile:

My humble suggestion is addition of optional random rotation per instance (90’? 45’?) Ofc only when brush is used as a “dot”.

Have a good day

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I’ve also found that if I need 2x2 noise (for example), I can run it with a 2x2 brush OR run the script on a half sized image and then resize later :slight_smile:

Brush rotation is a good idea. I’ll see if there is an API command for that already. Thanks!