[Script] Millitext converter

Hi everyone,

I’ve wrote two Aseprite scripts converting strings to millitext image and millitext image to human readable form. If you’re wondering what is millitext please follow link in the github page (I cannot put more than 2 links :confused: )

Millitext is pretty much obsolete technique for most screen types because modern screens are mostly not in classic RGB form or their pixel density is too high for observing subpixels. But i’ve purchased Aseprite couple days ago and saw Millitext at somewhere on the internet same day. It seemed to me a good project for learning Aseprite API. Also it’s my first lua program ever. Pretty good project for learning both of them.

Go to github page

Note: If anyone want to create their own Millitext fonts I can share my Python script. I’m not sharing it at this time because it’s pretty ugly and mostly hardcoded for this weekend project.