[Script] ReBar by LychOS

Direct Download from Puush

Hello, I made a script to help laptop/touchscreen artists who don’t have access to a keyboard when they’re drawing.

I did this after getting annoyed with having to go through multiple menus at a time on my flip-screen laptop to do basic tasks.

I’m a very anxious and lazy person, so this kind of thing lifts a planet off my shoudlers.

If you’re new to scripts in Aseprite, there’s an included README.txt file with instructions on what to do, as well as a quick explanation of the symbols I used for the tool quick-swapper. Just extract the .zip file and have a read.

Hope you like it, I put a lot of time into this especially trying to find how to change tools in Lua. Good god that assert code took way too long to find lol.

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If you turn it into an extension (api/plugin.md at master · aseprite/api · GitHub) you could use plugin.preferences save/load window positions so they don’t have to be hard coded.

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oh interesting. this is my first time doing anything major with scripts and stuff outside of Godot programming, so i basically have no idea what i’m doing lmao. right now i’m in a rough spot so idk when i’ll be working on this again. probably going to be a while.

This is exactly what I was looking for. Glad you made it just a week ago.

Only thing it’s missing from my workflow is Cut and Paste.