Second Monster Forms: The Bob-ombs

A unique (or maybe not being the second one ever made) case where the monsters in question has different origins for its forms.
The first: the Bob-omb Copter.
Created Accidentally by Fawful Through the use of a Roboticizer, a magic wand and the inability to read Eggman’s handwriting all lead into the Bob-omb Copter’s creation.
Bob-omb Coppter
The Second: The greater Bob-bat
The origin is less thought out so here just is
Greater Bob-bat Full
Made an updated design and figured out some backstory. The Greater Bob-bat was made by Yuga using the power of Nano Dust (Yes it’s dangerous) and Mana (Final Fantasy and related series) These giant beast (around 8 ft) … Sorry writer’s block will update later
Greater Bob-bat Full