Section of sprite missing

Whenever I use Aseprite for a long time, sometimes a random tool (idk which one) will completely mess up sections of my sprite, either deleting it, moving it or both. And the worst thing is, the Undo command will NOT revert anything this supposed “bug” messed up.
To be more specific, whenever this happens, it looks like my sprite got put in a small grid and everything outside that grid gets deleted/hidden. Undo command will not reposition or un-erase any missing section until a certain point.
This happens a few times lately, and I’ve noticed it happens on large canvas (1024x1024), as it’s never happened to me before when I work on smaller canvases.

Also, sometimes when I use the Quick Move command (default is Ctrl + drag), the Undo will not undo any repositioned sprite?

I’m not sure if these are bugs or features that I’m not aware of. Any help would be appreciate! Thank you.

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I’m encountering the exact same issues, using V.1.2.35-x64 (steam build).

Possibly unrelated, but do you find this happens often in connection with the Copy and/or Merge Layer commands? In my workflow I encounter this really often after I merge layers and then try to move them – I’m not typically working on large canvases but I often will also have large canvas panels open with references.

Watching this thread and hoping someone can help us get to the bottom of it – It’s a real momentum killer! :sweat_smile:

edit: I believe these users are experiencing the same issue: Undo can fail on accidental layer movement - #6 by skullbrow

I believe it’s the same problem, many things you do and back or some like that the positions the elements do a mess, always I need to save and if do this thing I close and open again the file, it’s terrible

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I do also use Merge and Copy/Paste a lot, so that might contribute to the problem. My guess is whenever the action history gets heavy, Aseprite just freaks out?
This hasn’t happened again for me so far, but it has a huge possibility of canceling out hours of works.

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Hi everyone! :wave: this issue has been fixed for the next release ( Fix bug moving a cel, flattening all layers, and then undoing (fix #3… · aseprite/aseprite@9a39582 · GitHub ) we’ll try to release the new version ASAP (highly probable next week)


Bless you.

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I’ve been having this issue as of late, although mine usually ends with Aseprite crashing on me. Just lost a good chunk of work, and the crash recovery feature isn’t registering it as a crash for some reason.