See how far you can go

I just started Aseprite like a month ago, I’m not an Illustrator, or graphic designer, far less an animator. But I found in Aseprite eveything I needed for my project, please take a look. Yet it got a lot of hard work an time, and I’m still learning too much, but take a look:



If you made this video, I congratulate you.

It’s evident all the time you have dedicated to this work and, for a novice, it is impressive artwork.

It’s a shame that the users of this forum are so indifferent, but it is a general phenomenon in all pixel-art forums (something happened around 2016 and pixel-art fans started to let the forums die).

Además, mi apellido es Piedra y eso llamó mi atención jaja

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Oh! Sí que lo hice, por favor no lo ponga en duda :sweat_smile:
Agradezco enormemente sus palabras, eso motiva mucho para seguir.

I don’t know why this is happening, I think it was kind of trending, but we are gonna keep going. For my part, I have another video on mind, but I’m still working on the song.
Also, I wasn’t expecting much of attention in the forum, just wanted to share in hope to be a motivation to others with complex projects.

(Dibujé este plano basado en una captura de Google Earth, y luego incliné la imagen sobre el relieve y pintar terreno, montañas, etc. Para las primeras tomas)

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I’m developing a pixel art videogame (doing everything, from artwork to music… I’m not a musician but I’m able to make some decent melodies in a sequencer) and I know the hard work a personal project requires. So keep going.

Also love the song, btw.

O_O WOW. just… WOW. <3