Seems like I break Aseprite Colors


I am very new to Aseprite or Pixelart in general. Thats why I try this and change that … to see what happens. But somehow I managed to break the colors in Aseprite.

Everything was cool. Some tutorials on Pixelart mention to change the hue instead of pick a new color for certain things. I quickly adabted this. Having a red wizard hat, make some shadings → pitch up or down the hue of the original red tone. Works awesome.

But now… I have no Idea what I did. But when I change the hue, the small preview shows the color I want. Then I paint it but the color is still the same. When dragging the Hue adjuster evern more down, I dont get red at all. Sometimes it changes to violet, brown… For some reason, I am no longer able to paint in anything but full tone colors.

Hope somebody knows what trigger I switched to archive this… nonsense.
Thank you guys

welcome, SFoX! i guess it’s because you work in indexed mode.
you can either:

  • switch to RGB mode by going to sprite → colour mode → rgb or
  • click on red exclamation mark button beside colour preview - that will add new colour to the palette

You made my day. Thank you very much for this tip!

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