Select tool not conforming to layers when changing frames

On Aseprite v1.3-beta6

I’m trying to position some hair that’s on its own layer, and swapping between 2 frames to check its position.

When I click back to the original frame with the selected hair, it’s moved the image for all layers, not just the hair one I’ve selected.

Hopefully the video shows what I mean and how weird it can get.

That looks buggy lol.

It would be helpful to know what happens if instead of selecting the frame by clicking on the header with the frame numbers (like at 0:07) you clicked the cel that corresponds to frame 2 of the hair layer (or just pressed the right arrow on the keyboard with the hair layer selected). With that theme it’s hard to tell if clicking the frame number selects the whole range of cels for all layers at frame 2 (which would be new behaviour found in the beta) or it just looks that way and it’s the usual UI highlighting the X-Y intersection.

Hi @AnAfterImage, this transformation of multiple layers is made because you’ve clicked the frame (instead of just the cel). When a frame header is clicked, all layers from that frame will be transformed: