Selecting objects by color, removing the exporting dialogue box, and frames in the timeline can be any section of your open sheet

It would be cool if the wand let you select objects based on their color so changing only that color is faster than having to select all objects with that color.

For exporting, once you confirm where/how you want to export your file the first time, cmd+e just updates the exported file, like how save and save as… works, but with export and export as… so we dont have to keep confirming the export.

Choosing frames for the timeline based on the area you highlight from your existing sheet instead of new frames taking the default size of the entire sheet. That way you can edit and experiment on one sheet and select the sprite you want to test without having to organize your work. Like lets say I have one giant sheet full of doodles and test ideas/concepts and I like how a few scattered objects look. It’d be cool to select those object in any order and assign them a position like frame 1, then selecting the other object on the opposite side of my sheet and making that frame 2, that way we can have different ideas scattered about but still test and see how they look in action without having to organize them constantly or make a separate sheet.

As for the wand you can select all colors across the canvas if you uncheck the “Contiguous” setting in the top context bar. You can also just use Shift+R (Replace Color).