Selecting things with the "magic wand" when layer focus is in a hidden layer

I’ve seen that when you are in a hidden layer you can still make selections of tiles by making double click, but it seems that you cannot select anything when you are using the magic wand tool in a hidden layer (even if you have selected the “refer to visible layer” option). Is there any option to allow this?

It would be very useful when used in combination with this option here “Refer visible layer”, and the shortcut for changing the visibility of the current layer (shift+x).

The current behaviour looks like a bug to me, but since I’m not sure whether there is an option to allow selection in hidden layers somewhere within the menus, I’ll put this post in help first :slight_smile:

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Hi @JJHaggar! thanks for reporting this, yes it’s really confusing and something much better would be that the magic wand automatically works as “referring to visible layers” when the active layer is hidden. I’ll take note about this.


Thanks a lot! :smiley: