Selection tool with rotation


Hello would be great if you had a tool to select in 45 graos would be very good if you like the idea increases in the following updates if you give. thanks for listening


I am always interested in new selection tools, but I think I do not understand. Could you provide an example for that selection tool, please? Is it in another software or is an original idea?


I’m in other software Idraw this tool selects in angles know this would facilitate the selection of isometric pixel art and much more practical. so I would love for developers to think about the possibility of building this tool. Thank you for attention, good work.


Hi @ednardo_guimaraes, if you want to select a rectangle with a specific angle (e.g. 45 degrees) you can use the Alt key to rotate the rectangle:



That is good but not as nice as something like Photoshop’s Polygonal Lasso Tool is (especially if given the ability to snap to 2:1 and other common pixel art angles), since the Polygonal Lasso Tool allows you to select irregular shapes easily, such as isometric tiles, which are often weird hexagons.