Sending art from the trial version to the full version?

So I’ve been using the trial version to see if I like the program, and I plan on buying the full version.
However, I’ve made some things in the trial that I’d like to carry over to the full version. Is that possible, or will I just have to recreate them?

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The best way to move your work to the full version will be copying and pasting each frame.

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Copy and pasting the layer from the trial version to the paid version just cases the paid version to become unresponsive for a few min and then crash. Is there another way?

:thinking: Try selecting the whole canvas (Ctrl+A) and copying it (Ctrl+C) in the trial, then go to the full version, and then use Edit > Paste Special > Paste as New Sprite menu option. If there are other frames or layers, try to re-create then in the new sprite, and copy/paste the canvas pixels of each cel.

That doesn’t work, too. Same issue.:disappointed_relieved:

Does the program crashes? Could you please tell me what specific version of the trial version and the full version of Aseprite are you running? Also what operating system (windows 7. win 10, macOS, etc.)

Yes it crashes. I have windows 10, Aseprite 1.2.13-trail by…, 1.2.13 full version, only the full version is from steam if this helps.
It sais no respond :thinking:

I have the same exact problem. I spent an entire 3 hours working on the trial version, making a really cool artwork, and now it’s telling me I can’t save it… Why? T.T Someone please help? And please have that disclaimer from the get go in the future.

The warning is right there at the top of the trial page