Separate Colors By Names

Can we get a feature to allow palette colors being used to be separated by names? I don’t think this is asking for much.

What names do you have in mind? Basic red, green and blue?

i think he meant a separator between the palette, that you could put a name on it, im pretty sure theres a ask like that alredy, but i cant remember the name

also dont be rude this is a forum not twitter

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I didn’t mean to be rude, it was a genuine question. Perhaps I misunderstood, but I read it first a splitting by color names, and just wanted to know what kind of split we were talking about.

But yeah, if we’re talking about adding arbitrary separators in the palette, with names that actually sounds like a good idea. I’d vote for that.

Here’s the other thread about labelled palettes. If this request is the same, please +1 that one instead. Easy Palette Groups with Labels & Tooltips

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