'Set loop section' not working properly

I’m a fairly new aseprite user who wants to loop a certain section of my project. To my knowledge, loop sections should work like this: Aseprite moves through frames like normal, until it reaches a loop section. During which, it will loop among those loop frames until the animation stops playing.

However, mine is working like this:
Can anyone help? It seems to be waiting a little and then jumping straight to the loop section, if that makes sense. The ‘dancing’ frames, are 7000ms each, so that’s why you can’t actually see him moving during the loop section.

The letters ‘lighting up’ frames should proceed one by one, and they are 1000ms each.


select the 1° frame by hand to dislock the timeline from the loop, but tags are like that, their arent meant to be enter in loop, the isolate a part of the animation to play on repet.

Thank you, it appears I have misunderstood the point of a loop section.