Setting Brush Dynamics Through Scripting

Hey, I was wondering if there was any way to modify brush dynamics (ie. toggling on and off the brush stabilizer) through scripting.

I was looking through the API and couldn’t find anything that seemed to suggest a way to access this. I am currently using the v1.3.6 steam build.


I tried this:

local toolPrefs = app.preferences.tool(app.tool)
toolPrefs.dynamics.stabilizer = not toolPrefs.dynamics.stabilizer

When I tested this out, I had to turn off “Same in all tools” for the script to work. I had to do this through the UI; trying to do it through app.preferences.shared.share_dynamics in script didn’t work, though it could be I’m missing something there.

Have a look in the preferences for more:


this is exactly what i was looking for thank you!!!