Shading Layer and how it works?

video112 (24) I’m following the tutorial but I’m not sure why the pencil isn’t drawing anything.

Yeah I’ve been having the same issue, it couldn’t be a bug right?

Checked in, also not getting any marks when using Shading ink.

Hi there, could you describe the exact steps you are doing to draw with the shading ink?

To make the shading ink work you have to:

  1. You need a surface painted with a color that is part of the shades (that’s why the video in the first post doesn’t work, because the user is trying to paint in a surface of a color that is not part of the selected set of colors in the shades)
  2. You have to use left/right click to move colors to the left/right of the set of shades

If it’s not used just like in Aseprite - Docs - Shading it will not work, anyway it might be possible that we’ve introduced a new bug. But we will need the specific steps you are doing to reproduce the problem.

This was the issue for me. I didn’t think about it, but I think I expected it to paint with the first shade, i.e. I expect to be able to block in silhouettes or start painting without having to switch from the Shading mode.