Share screen (air screen) with iPad freeze and disconnect

Hi guys !
I’m trying to use share screen (air screen share) feature of my Mac to my iPad. So I can use my Apple pencil in my Aseprite and extend my monitor screen.
But ever time, I’m losing the connection between devices. Right now I’m writing this post via shared screen, in other words, it’s means that the share screen is working perfectly with all the others apps. But when I start Aseprite and start work on, a little time, 1 minute the screen freeze and I have to do a new connection.

Technical information for this problem:
MacBook Pro m1 - last version op
iPad Pro m2 - last version op
Aseprite 1.3 rc6 arm64
With cable and Wi-Fi

Looks like that need a little of interaction, 1 minute. The screen don’t freeze immediately after shared.

Thank you in advance!

A little update.

I tried to use Apple Motion program via side car too. ( Oh, I discovered how is the correct name of this feature, is side car,) btw, with Apple Motion the screen freeze too, so it’s not a problem of the Aseprite.

I think is something about the big data transfer, because the Safari works fine and don’t freeze the connection between both systems.