Shift for isometric line – strange behaviour

I’m not sure if this is a bug or a feature, bug when I hold Shift to produce isometric lines (2x1), as I’m drawing it, every other pixel gets added the beginning of the line instead of its end.

As this is pretty difficult to explain, here’s a gif:

I’m sure this didn’t happen in previous versions, the odd pixel always just got added to the end of the line – where the cursor is. If this is new behaviour, please add an option to use the old one instead, I don’t like my lines not being actually isometric in 50% of the cases.

Thank you.

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Yes, it’s a regression. (Actually old versions of Aseprite worked in this way, then it was fixed, and now is broken again :sob: we’ll release a fix next week)


This should be fixed in v1.2.12 released today.

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