Shortcut for adding colours

hello, so this is my second ever post so i’m not sure if i’m putting this in the right category, but;

so i make a lot of texture packs for Minecraft, all using aseprite, and for some of the files they’re automatically set to the Colour Mode Indexed, and i find it would be very useful to have a keyboard shortcut for “Add foreground colour to palette”. again, if there is already a feature for this, or already a post about this, sorry. have a good day.

edit: the reason i would use this for texture packs is if i need to replace a bunch of textures with a certain colour, so i keep going from file to file rapidly.

hi, you can set your own shortcut for that:
hit ctrl+alt+shift+k or go to editkeyboard shortcuts and search for “add”. first two entries should be add background color to palette and add foreground colour to palette.