Shortcut Keys for Link and Unlink?

Hey all,

First off - GREAT PROGRAM! Reminds me a lot of the best things about DPaint and other pixel art programs I love.

I see I can configure most any keyboard shortcut for any menu and tool but I don’t see one for the ability to configure the linking and unlinking of frames. Did I miss this or is this a feature request?

At any rate - great stuff and thank you!


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Hi @DonleyTime, you’re right! I’m taking note about this feature. EDIT and thanks for your kind words :blush:

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@dacap HA! You’re welcome and I look forward to an update with that feature.

Been watching your development for a LONG time and finally got a copy on Steam yesterday. Was not disappointed at all. Great program and I got it up and running fast.

Mostly when I use it I am looking to replicate the feel I have when I use Flash. I feel it’s pretty well there in just about every important way.

I guess one or two things are getting stuff like frame insertion similar to Flash (I don’t know if you already have that). By that I mean inserting a blank frame and pushing all the subsequent frames out 1 frame instead of overwriting the next frame. I don’t know if you use Flash but this is a pretty terrific animation tool. It allows you to drop in extra frames easy and not have to do a lot of dragging and dropping or sliding. You just pick a frame on a layer and then hit F5 or whatever key you have assigned and WHAMMO - you get a blank frame right there and the entire timeline shifts one over to the right.

At any rate - great program!


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